You like explosive driving games? Then you are in the right place. The Crusher tank shoots and crushes everything that is in the way. Prove your skills in this hardcore driving and shooting game. You can also have fun with other similar monster truck games.

Among others, the Crusher is a driving game where you drive your tank over cars, buildings or other structures and blast your way to the next level. The big heavy tank can be controled with the left arrow and right arrow keys for balance. With the up arrow and down arrow, you can accelerate or brake when you need to. In this fun tank driving game, the vehicle doesn't just move around, but it also shoots. Che cannon of the Crusher can be controled with the X and Z keys.

As skillfully as you think you are in driving a car crushing game, this big vehicle is pretty hard to handle. But the most entertaining part of the game, is when you press the SPACE key. What happens at this point is that you shoot the available cannon. The are different types of obstacles on the way, like mines in the ground. They are a bit tricky to spot, but you can make it. Although the tank shoots and blasts everything that is in the way, this car crushing game is very entertaining. But it also needs some good skills to play it.

If you don't like this kind of action racing game you cand play preettier ones like this cartoon game.

Besides the rather complex gameplay, the Crusher game has also some nice graphics, fact that is also very important for a car driving game, because it adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. The special effects include big explosions, fire, and other animations.
Another nice part of playing this tank driving game is that you can improve your score and play this free game anytime you feel like it.