Galactic Racer

Galactic Racer is a new car racing game from with cars from the future. The race takes place in outer space among the alien spaceships.

The instructions of the game are simple. Hold UP key to accelerate, LEFT key to turn left, RIGHT key to turn right and DOWN key to brake. You have to destroy the targets and remain with some health left to finish the level. There are three levels and all of them are in the future on a outer space highway.

If you got bored of this car racing and came all the way to the bottom of the page in search for some otherhighway car racing game, then here is your reward. The game is called Galactic Titans and it's similar to this one. It still has some features from Galactic Racer like the one with the tilting car.

But maybe racing games are not your favorites and you want to play some other cool car games. No problem because here we got all the car games you need. This car tuning game is the coolest one and has 10 supercars. After you make your car you can race against the opponent. These are called Drag Racing Games because the race happens on a straight track.