Classic Versus Exotic

This is a car chasing game with both exotic and classic cars. Are you a fan of Morgan cars? Now you have the chance to drive one, in this online car game. Classic cars are awesome because they will never run out of style. Many brands today like Porsche, BMW or Alfa Romeo still try to catch the beauty of the classic old cars.

The controls of the car chasing game are easy, just use the arrow keys and try not to hit the normal cars. You can change the quality of the game by pressing "Q". There are three modes for the quality: Low, Medium and High. If the game is running slow (especially when the cars bump into each other) you should switch to a lower graphics quality. 

First thing to do when the game starts is to push the sound button from the top of the screen. After that accelerate until you will see a Lamborghini with a circle around it. Chase that car until you can get near it. Your job is to smash that car and destroy it. The best way to do that is to hit the car from one side and that exotic car will spin until it hits the sidewalk. 

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