Mission Explosible

As we're sure you're a big fan of online car games, we dare to invite you to play this cool highway racing game, called Mission Explosible. As the title itself suggests, the game is indeed as explosible as possible. It seems that some terrorists have planted a bomb on your dark colored truck. And this can only mean trouble for you. But even so, you'll still have to catch them all and destroy every single evil car these evil terrorists own, before something else bad happens.

This tricky online driving game has a catch: you can only drive at a speed between 60 and 150 km/h. If you decide to try and move both faster or slower that this given interval, the bomb in your truck will explode and you'll lose the game.But of course, it can happen that by mistake you find yourself driving with, let's say 5 km/h out of the speed limit. In this case, you'll have a few seconds to accelerate or brake in order to return to the allowed speed.

If you'll want to win the game, you'll have to destroy every terrorist by crashing into them from the side. If you hit them from behind or stay in front of them, you'll take more damage and the health of your vehicle will decrease. Every level brings more enemies for you to eliminate, so keep an eye on the speedometer. It is positioned in the lower right part of the cars game screen, so it shouldn't be too hard to look at it once in a while. If you don't like this game you could try other cool car games

If you fail a level, you can replay it as many time as you want and finish this top view truck driving game. If you enjoyed Mission Explosible, you are most welcome to try our other great truck driving games.