Ice Breakers

How about driving some high power cars on icy roads without much traction and with a bunch of targets taht you need to smash into? This is exactly what you get in this new car racing game called Ice Breakers.

I have to “warn” you: this is an extreme type of car racing game that you're about to play, fit only for those highly skillful drivers who're not afraid to take risks while they're racing their supercars! If you meet these requirements, then have your car racing skills tested with the ice breakers online car racing game and start your crazy race down a tricky, dangerous ice covered highway!

It's freezing cold in this northern European country, but you definitely cannot feel the cold, only the chills running down your spine as your super car rolls down the dangers-covered highway! Rely on your arrow keys to accelerate your sports car, when playing the Ice Breakers racing game, and make it reach high speed and also for squeezing it through all those high speed cars speeding down the track, driving it so that it reaches all those targeted cars. Once you reach them, feel free to bump into them from the side and to take them off the track. You may be driving a high-powered super car when you're playing this fast paced, fun-filled online car racing game, but that tricky, icy roadway and those cars you might just bump into might just damage your car and empty your on-screen health bar. Therefore, we're offering you a chance to restore your car's power by collecting extra health, on the track, while you're chasing down your enemies. Also, don't forget to take advantage of all the means of keeping your car in good “health”, including the temporary shields, too, as shown to you in the Ice Breakers' game tutorial. There's no other philosophy to this engaging car racing game! You have extreme speed, a lightweight sports car to show off your driving ways with, a challenging, ice covered highway to race on, high speed cars rolling down the highway that you need to avoid and target cars that you have to take off the road and impose your supercar's supremacy on the icy track!

Play the Ice Breakers car racing game and take a trip up north, getting ready for the biggest car racing challenge of your life! Once you've completed all the car driving tests there, since practice makes it perfect, perfect your racing abilities playing Deus 2 car racing game, too!