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Drive in one of the most high tech cars of the future and shoot your enemies with 4 different types of weapons in the Deus Racer 2 game. Use the arrow keys to move your car and Z,X,C and V to shoot different types of weapons - not all Deus 2 weapons will be available from the start, you receive one new weapon for each level you complete.

The world's future lies in your ability of driving your futuristic supercar on a dangerous track, where your weapon shooting ability will be challenged, too. Don't waist any more time, start the Deus Racer 2 and be the car racing hero that our planet needs right now!

If you thought that villain Doctor couldn't possible continue his malefic plan after he has been defeated in Deus Racer , think again! You'll need to drive to another dimension, getting this intense car racing game started, and make sure he can't complete his plan of destroying the world! For this, there's more than just amazing car racing dexterity and an amazing supercar that you need, you'll be needing some powerful weapons, too, in order to destroy Dr. Sobek's accomplices and your no.1 adversaries. To defeat them you need to put all the efforts and complete all the levels we challenge you with in Deus Racer 2 car racing game. Each time you complete one of those fast-paced, challenging tasks as a car driving superhero, a new type of destructive weapon is given to you. Use your arrow keys to speed your sports car down that dangers-covered highway and the right letter keys, pointed to you in this car shooting game's tutorial, for firing your weapons and destroying as many enemy cars/tanks as possible. Find out if you have the right high powered car racing techniques, to complete all this car racing game's tasks, and the right weapon shooting skills and the perfect reaction times to finish your tasks right before evil Doctor Sobek's dreadful plan is put into practice. You'll need to stay focused, during this fun online car racing game, you need to handle your car like a pro' as it reaches those intense high speeds and you need to work your weapon firing ingenuity too, while you're racing your super car like crazy down the highway and your adversaries cannot stand a chance of destroying our world!

Be the hero that the entire world has been waiting for and protect it from the destructive menace hanging over playing the Deus Racer 2 and putting your car racing skills and your shooting talent in the service of humanity!


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