Not all online car games are about speed and racing hot cars. I'm saying this because Annihilator is a game that gives you the opportunity to drive a tank.

What you have to do in this online tank driving game, besides driving, is to annihilate the enemy vehicles without making casualties among the civilians. If you destroy too many cars that silently drive in the trafic, you will loose the mission and the game will end. So what you should do is to avoid these trafic cars and shoot the cars that are indicated by an animated target sign. But be careful, cause this tank shooting game is not about crushing into the target, but about shooting it. If you'll hit the enemy with your tank, your vehicle will explode and the game will be over. If you are after tank racing games here you should try: Park My Tank, Save all soliders - car shooting game. or Crusher Monstertruck Tank Shooting Game .

The visuals and the sounds are nice and fit to the overall feeling of the game. As simplistic as Annihilator might seem, it is a cool game that you can play any time you feel like you are in the mood for a quick army driving game.

We hope you enjoyed annihilating all the enemy vehicles in Annihilator, and we remind you to periodically check for some other free car games.