Army Pursuit

You haven't played an online car pursuit game in a while? Well brace yourself because Army Pursuit is out today and you'll surely enjoy this game more than you'll expect.

The idea of this highway driving game that is called Army Pursuit is to carefully drive your army car among the other traffic cars and catch the targeted vehicle. In order to control the car, you'll only have to use the arrow keys. But careful there, even if like like speed and you think that it is safe to drive like a demon and bump into other cars, you are wrong. Army Pursuit is not like other free driving games that you might be used to. Every time you bump into another car, yours will take damage. And even with the target you should be careful. The only safe way to destroy is is to hit it from the side. If you do this, your vehicle will take minimum or no damage at all.

Army Pursuit has a total of three level, each of them being more difficult than the previous one. But you shouldn't worry about failing a level because even if you fail once, you have the option to replay it as many times as you want until you finish the game.

We hope you enjoy Army Pursuit, a free highway driving game that you'll most likely want to recommend to your friends. After playing this game, you shouldn't forget to check our other cool free flash driving games.