Classic Car Parking

Classic Car Parking is the coolest car parking games ever! There are 7 cars and 7 levels to play. Choose which car is the proper one for the level and park your antique car without hitting it. The score depends on the time and the condition of the car.

You have to drive a really old car to the museum truck, so that it can be restored. At first, the car seems to work just fine, except for the fact that it takes some damage from the simple fact that the old engine is being used. But don't worry, you'll see that on your way there are some little icons that can be collected. Don't be afraid to drive through them, because they will repair your antique car, so that you can continue driving. 

Classic Car Parking is really nice because of the great features that improve the gaming experience. For example, in a level you'll see a plane shadow moving across the game screen, in other level there's just night, and you literally won't be able to see for more that a few meters in front of the car. These little things add a lot to the game and they make this old car parking game even more interesting than it already is.

Further on, just like in other car parking games, the controls designated for this game are the arrow keys. Also, if you feel like you're lost and you can't find the museum truck, just press the space key, and the direction will be revealed to you for a few seconds. You just have to follow the arrows. But be careful, this option is not completely for free. Your car will take some extra damage because of the GPS system that requires some extra power.

Play Classic Car Parking as many times as you want, try every available car and become a parking expert. Don't forget to share this car parking game with your friends too, and also check our other online driving games.