Carrier Truck

Parking games got so complicated these days that we have to work really hard to finish it. This game is called Carrier Truck. It is the newest one from a long parking games series.

You missed playing some parking games from Well the wait is over. Carrier Truck is their latest addition to the truck driving games collection and it's as fun as all the last ones.

Just like Heavy Firefighter or CSCS Parking, in Carrier Truck you get to drive a big truck across the town, pick up objects or carefully park in the designated area without crashing into something from the environment. This is a fun game once you get used to the way it works.

If you are a beginner, you might find it a bit frustrating. But the longer you play it, the better you get at driving the big vehicle. In order to drive you'll have to use the arrow keys and depending on your current mission, you'll also have to use the CTRL and the SHIFT keys. But you don't have to memorize the controls right from the beginning of the game because every time you have to do something, a little instructions window will appear.

There are 3 levels available in this truck parking game and there are plenty of stuff to do. You'll have to find the parking place, pick up cars that have parked in the wrong place, deliver damaged vehicles to the car graveyard and many other missions that I will not talk about now because I don't want to spoil the fun sooner than necessary.

Carrier Truck is a great skill truck parking game that you must try. It requires lots of patience to finish, a bit of ignorance concerning some minor bugs, but in the end it is a fun game. You should also try the other 3 truck driving games made by the same team.