Heavy Firefighter

This is another complicated parking game from 101Cargames.com. You can find the complete parking series on Cartitans.com. The games related to this one are called: Skill Parking and CSCS Parking . Before I start talking about the complexity of the game , I think some instructions are necessary.

The controls are simple, the arrow keys are used to drive the truck. After parking this fire truck you can use the arrows to maneuver the fireman ladder to rescue the civilian. To use the water cannon point and click.

In the first level you have to drive to the house on fire and park the truck near it. After parking you have to save the owner of the house by hanging the ladder near him. You will recognize him easily because he looks like an ambitious bean. After you brought him in the firefighter car you have to extinguish the fire by pointing the mouse at the fire and clicking. You will run out of water so the next task is to refill the fire truck with water. Right near the first house on fire you will find a hydrant. Your task is to park the truck near the hydrant and just wait until the truck is filled with water. The tricky part about this game is to drive the fire truck backward and park it near the same house again to extinguish the fire once and for all. The next task is to drive the truck back to the firefighter's base. The arrow from the bottom of the screen (the green one) will guide you there but I can give you a small tip: You will have to reverse the truck. Be careful because you don't have time to spare. Each and every level has a deadline and if you exceed it the game is over. Another constraint is the fuel. You will finish the level after parking the truck in the firefighter base.

The second level is much more complicated then the first one. It starts in the firefighter base and the first task is to fill the truck with fuel. The gas station is right there in the base; just park near it and you're done. After your tank is full you have to find the house on fire. Another tip for you here: exit the base take a right and then turn right again at the second street. If you have problems during the game or if you get stuck just click the restart button and you'll be fine.

Perhaps this game is a bit too complicated for you so if you want we can recommend some other parking lot games from our partner site.