Edge Rider

Who doesn't like a bit of adrenaline in a multiplayer racing game? Edge Rider offers you lots of fun and a few levels on which you can practice your racing skills .

This space racing game can be played both in single player and in multiplayer mode. In single player you will have to race against two players and in other to pass to the next level, you'll have to finish first. The multiplayer racing game is also a nice extra feature for a free online game. You can race against a friend and other 2 players. The one to get to the finish line first, wins the race.

The context of the game is a futuristic one and the races take place somewhere in the outer space. So while racing, you should pay great attention to the racing track because if drive out of it, you will fall over the edge. But this doesn't mean the game is over. You will lose some time until your car is placed back on the road, but you'll still be able to continue the race.

As Edge Rider is a multiplayer racing game, the controls include the arrow keys for one player, and the W-A-S-D keys for the other one. No matter which option you choose, both single player and multiplayer are fun to play, although the collisions are a bit off. After playing this space racing game, you should also take a glance at our other online racing games that are fit for the taste of an flash racing games fan.