2 Players Madness

2 Players Madness is a new car racing game but unlike any other car racing game this one has the option of 2 users playing at the same time.

The instructions of this game are very simple. First of all there is the option of playing this game in single player mode. If this is your choice you can press the UP arrow to accelerate the car, DOWN arrow to reverse the car or brake, and the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to steer.

If you choose the 2 players mode, you can play using the arrows and you have the red car and the player 2 can drive using the W-A-S-D keys and you have the orange car. If you are player 2 be careful because the car can escape from the racing game screen and you will loose it.

You should try to keep the car on the track because otherwise the speed will decrease considerably, or you could hit something.

There are 4 levels all of them are cool but the best one is the third one because it has a lot of curves and that makes the difference between a driver and a true racer. A true racer pushes his gear to the limit and over it.

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