Flipped! is a side view online driving game that you'll find to be very entertaining and addictive. It's got cars, explosions, great game play, nice graphics and cool soundtrack. So now that you know that this is a truck driving game that you must now miss, maybe you should know what you have to do. There are 8 levels available, the first one being more of a tutorial level where yo learn how to play.

The fun part of Flipped! is that no matter if your car turns upside down, you can still drive it because it won't take any damage. It's supposed to flip so that you can have fun while driving across the multitude of obstacles that you'll come across. The only way to fail the level is if fall into a gap, get stuck over an obstacle or fall into the devastating fire. Also once in a while you would keep an eye on the clock, because if you don't move fast enough, your time will be up and you'll fail. But even if you don't pass a level, you can also replay any level of this online truck game, as many times as you want.

Further on, Flipped! is a good flash truck game because of the cool game play features that it brings to you: you get to drive your car even after it flips upside down and you can change the driving paths by pulling the crossroad levers. Sooner or later you'll come across some gravity fields where you have to also flip the controls: you'll have to accelerate by pressing the down key and you go backwards if you press the up key. Pretty tricky, ha? But don't worry, you'll have lots of fun playing this puzzle driving game.

We hope you enjoyed playing Flipped! and we also invite you to try our other cool online driving games.