GTR Challenge

Are you ready to play another epic online game? The name of this game is "GTR Challenge" you better keep that in mind because you are about to experience one of the best online racing games ever! And this top includes King of Drift which is ok but a bit to complex.

You can choose between 3 modes: Drift Racing, Racing on a Highway and Drag Racing.

Drift Racing:

Drive on a racing track and try to get the best lap score possible and keep in mind that you will have to earn as many drifting points as possible. Because this game is online, you will not be forced to download it or pay anything at all.

Racing on a Highway:

It's time for a high speed pursuit on a very long road. In this mode you are a cop which is not bad but the car is a Mercedes SLK and that means a lot. Your task is to catch the bad guy in the Red Chevrolet Camaro. You will notice the arrow pointing in it's direction or the annoying red circle over it.

Drag Racing :

This is a battle between 2 most prestigious cars. I'm talking about the Chevrolet Camaro and the Porsche Boxter S. Choose the most powerful one (the Porsche) and race using the manual gearbox. Don't forget to come back on and play some more online racing games again tomorrow and the day after. You know you want it!