Mail Truck

Here's our latest online truck game: Mail Truck. It is a side view driving game where you'll have to be the truck guy. So here's what you have to do: drive carefully among the multitude of obstacles and collect as many envelopes as you can.

Mail Truck is a  truck game that you'll just love. There are four levels available and each one is more difficult than the previous one. The game play is pretty entertaining because of the fact that you only have to use the arrow keys to control your mail truck. But as easy as it sound, don't get fooled by the simplicity of this game because there are some tricky zones out there where it's pretty difficult to keep the truck “on its feet”.

There's also a health bar in this speed truck driving game. Your car will take damage only when it turns upside down, so be careful not to do that. If the car gets too damaged, you will fail the level. But no worries, you can replay each level as many times as you want.

But as the name says it, in Mail Truck you'll have to collect the envelopes from the village people. There are lots of envelopes spread along the levels and each one of them will give you extra points.

We hope you had a lot of fun playing this monster truck transfrormers game called Mail Truck. So remember to play our other free tilty truck games, as they are all extremely entertaining.