Side view truck games are always fun to play. But most of them have no special feature that can separate them from the other tilty truck games. And for this reason, we have created Trucksformers.

Trucksformers is an online truck driving game that gives you the opportunity to drive 3 cars in a single level, instead of just one. There are 3 types of terrain in this online truck game. There's the normal ground, filled with obstacles over which you drive with the first monster truck. There's the burning lava, which will burn and destroy the first and the third trucks. But you can pass through it if you use the hovering car. And there is some sort of pile of debris that can be taken down with the drill car.

Concerning the instructions, as you start this side view driving game, you will see written on the sky what you have to do in order to get to the next level. The trucks can be controlled with the arrow keys and if you want to switch between them, you'll have to press the 1, 2 and 3 keys.

Overall, Trucksformers is a cool game, longer than other online tilty truck games, it has an interesting and interactive game play and nice sound effects. We hope you had a good time playing this monster truck game and we also recommend that you try our other 4x4 driving games.