Mall Parking

If you like free car parking games, then you should play this one. You know that at the mall you have to be an expert to find a parking spot. Every level you get another car to park so you are kind of a valet here. This game reminds me of another one called: Park My Tank.

Our partner site has a lot of games so you can find there a lot of free car parking games. You should sign up and play with achievements. They have many features like ranking and score submission.

Don't bother about download because it's not required. This is a free car parking game so you can play it online whenever you feel like. If you like this game you should try another free parking game. Heavy Duty Parking is a bit more complex then Mall Parking. You can choose the parking spot and also you can play it later and continue from where you left it.

The instructions are very easy, just use the keys to drive the car. Follow the arrows from the ground and get to the parking spot. It is a white rectangle, you will recognise the spot because it has a "P" symbol on it.

If you get to the 8th level you will notice that every one is different than the other one and you get to park another car. There are some shortcuts you should know about. If you play the game 2 or 3 time you will definitely see them and get a better score.