Heavy Duty Parking

You like parking games? Try Heavy Duty Parking as soon as possible. A good driver doesn't drive only fancy cars that move very fast. If you think you're a professional, than you should prove your skills in this parking game with heavy industrial vehicles.

Heavy Duty Parking comes with six big levels in which you can drive and practice your driving skills. Each time you complete a level, a new one will unlock. But not the cars. Before each level, you can choose any car you want from the four vehicles available. No matter which one you pick, you can always play the same level with another truck.

Every car from this industrial truck parking game car be controlled by pressing the arrow keys.The game is not very difficult, but the tricky part is to find the designated parking spot. Most probably you won't find it immediately, so when you get to a dead end you can either take the challenge of turning back without hitting the other truck, or you can just restart the level and remember where you've been. If you finish this game you will become a Park Master.

There are lots of possibilities to get to the parking space and in some levels there's even traffic on the street. Infiltrate carefully and hurry up because the clock's ticking.

Play this heavy duty parking game as many times as you want and try each level with every car because there's a new fun experience every time. If you enjoyed this industrial parking game, you should also check our latest cool parking games, hot and fresh from the front page.