Night Ryder

Have you ever rode a motorbike at 200 MPH ? It's time to do that with this cool motorbike game called Night Ryder. Keep an eye on the gold because each piece of gold you take, gives you 100 points. And the points are all you get at the end of this motorbike game. 

You will have to finish the level as fast as possible and gain as many points as you can. Be careful though not to touch the ground with your head because you will fall from the motorbike and then the game is over. This bike game has 4 long levels and every one has some different obstacles in it.

Night Ryder is much fun because you can make some cool tricks in this game. For example when you are making a long jump you can hold the left arrow and the bike will spin, just like that you performed a back-flip. If the adrenaline doesn't let you to just ride this bike you could try a double back flip, but that is very risky. The jump has to be huge for you to perform a double back-flip or even a double front-flip. 

The instructions of this bike game are pretty easy, Hold key UP to accelerate, DOWN to brake or go backwards, and the left and right key are used to keep the balance of the motorbike.

If you got bored of this Night Ryder you can always try this motorbike game. This one is an old game but always classic.