Motor Wheels

You played too many car games online and you want something different? How about a ride on a motorcycle? Motor Wheels of speed is the ultimate motorcycle free game for and with motorcycle racers. The game is pretty entertaining and with a soundtrack and visuals to fit the game's content.

Motor Wheels is a motorcycle racing game where the player doesn't just drive fast, but also eliminates the drivers that don't respect the rules of the race. A cool feature of the game that you're about to play is that before starting each level, you can pick your ride. Try driving both of them and decide wich one fits you best, because every level gets more difficult than the previous one. What's really nice about this online driving game is that no cars are allowed, although in level 2 you will see some cars in a parking lot. But that's it! In this driving gameeverything's about what you can do with only two wheels of speed.

Overall, the game is pretty cool: the controls are nice and easy to get used to, the graphics is pretty good looking, and the music track adds a lot to the adrenaline feeling inspired by the game. As a visual effect, the player's bike has a cool tilting effect on it, which makes it even cooler than the others. So enjoy these features of the game and drive fast and furious.

The purpose of the game is to smash into the target motorcycles and destroy them – a rather familiar idea in many superbike games. Destroying stuff in a game is always fun, but you should still keep an eye on the health bar. If you keep destroying all of the motorcycles that are in your way, you'll end up failing the level. So drive you virtual online motorcycle carefully and fast. The speedometer in the lower right will show your how fast you go. Enjoy this free motorcycle game and drive safely!