Army Speeder

Those cold blooded terrorists cannot stand even a single chance of escaping from you! No sir, for once you find yourself at the wheel of that high-powered massive truck not even some scumbags like them can compete with you. Now, soldier, there's no time to waist when you're leading this terrorists hunting type of military operation, get he Army Speeder truck racing game started!

The entire nation is counting on your abilities at pressing the right arrow keys, at the right time and control your high-powered monster truck on the highway! Use them wisely for squeezing your military truck through the other rushing cars on the highway and make sure not to bump into them and not have your monster truck damaged or jeopardize civilians' lives while you're playing the Army Speeder truck racing game! It's a really challenging type of monster truck racing game that exercises both your truck racing skills and your driving performance, not to mention that it tests your reaction times, too, when it comes to taking those highlighted, enemy cars off the track. The more tasks/levels you manage to complete undertaking this major operation, the more challenges you'll need to face, the more civilians' cars to avoid on the highway, the more target terrorists cars to chase down, so get ready for the monster truck racing game of your life, soldier! We give you the high-powered military truck that any top soldier would dream to drive, we offer you great top screen view, obstacles to avoid, other racing cars on the highway to avoid, and we've highlighted the enemy cars to make it easy for you. Easy are this online truck racing game's controls, too, you just need to use your arrow keys! All you need to do is focus on working your truck driving and racing techniques and you'll quick become your country no.1 hero!

Get behind, the wheel, soldier, playing the army speeder truck racing game, and do your best so that your top secret military mission should be a major success! Now, how about continuing your driving training trying to pull off some extreme drifts, too, playing the Top Drift game!