Bombhead Motocross

Get ready to have your mind blown by this game called: Bombhead Motocross. Some say that it is the best dirt bike game ever, but you will have to decide that for yourself. The idea of the game is that the biker has a bomb instead of head and it explodes after 60 seconds. Of course if you, finish the level before that time, you're safe.

Most of these kind of games are short and very easy to finish. This one is different and not just because it has more than 10 levels but because the gameplay is unique. A dirt bike game is by definition very cool but this one is just awesome. The bike is very powerful and the levels have a very incredible good looking design.

As I mentioned before the head of the biker is a bomb so if it touches the ground, you lost. Also you will notice that if the bike hits the ground hard enough, the game is over and the bomb explodes.

The instructions are not very complex so you can play this game without reading any line at all. The UP arrow key is the throttle, DOWN is the break, and also you can tilt the dirt bike using the LEFT/RIGHT arrows. Standard controls huh? Usually all the dirt bike games have the same controls so don't worry because we won't hit you with many instructions or tutorials.

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