Outer Space Explorer

Get ready for this cool space driving game: Outer Space Explorer. In this game, you don't just drive through the available levels, but you also get a laser gun that you'll have to use wisely because you will have to download truck games. There are some moving platforms that you'll need to drive over in order to complete the levels. Some of them are blocked, so what you have to do, is to rotate the laser gun by pressing the X and Z keys and shoot the moving target by pressing the SPACE key. Sometimes it will stop moving, other times it won't. But the important thing is that you have managed to move the platform and continue your dangerous journey and don't forget to download truck games.

As Outer Space Explorer is a car drifting game, the controls are the ones that you're probably already used to: the arrow keys. The game has 6 levels that you will have to unlock and as you progress, you'll notice that each level is more difficult than the previous one.

The game play is nice and pretty easy to understand and the graphics of this space truck game are adequate, although a bit repetitive. There are also some nice visual effects and some SF background music to complete the gaming experience. We hope you enjoyed the game and we also invite you to download truck games.