18 Wheels Racing

Truck Racing Games have never been this fun since a long time ago. Your task is to race against 2 other drivers and overtake them by cutting the corner. You will see that it's not so easy to steer an 18 wheels truck.

The key to win this game is to steer 2 seconds before you think it's necessary. This way, your cabin rotates and the rest of the truck follows along. Don't be tricked into thinking that this like the other truck racing games because it's not. "18 Wheels Racing" unlike the other ones it's about precision and skills.

The first game is called: Truck Racers and this is just a sequel. You should expect many truck games because they are very popular and fun. Anyway if you got bored of this one you can always try something else. We have many other thisng to offer on CarTitans.com.