Truck Racers

Are you a trucks fan? Do you enjoy races? Because we have something great for you: Truck Racers. One of the most awesome truck racing games ever. Drive around the track and beat the AI in this incredible race. You should not download car games because this site has them all. 

The instructions are simple. Just press the UP arrow to accelerate the truck, DOWN to break and Left/Right arrows to steer.

You will have to be careful because this truck is a very long vehicle and it has a trailer attached. The turns have to be much wider and much faster.

This online racing game does not require a download or intallation. Just get on and start playing this awesome game.

After you finish one level you can upgrade your truck parts or buy another one. The most complicated part of this game seems to be overtaking the opponent in the first lap. If you do that, the rest of the lap is easy.

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