Prehistoric Jumper

Prehistoric Jumper is a new car jumping game with a similar model of The Flinstones car. First of all if the game doesn't start when you press the Play button and the screen is gray you will have to refresh the page.

The instructions are pretty easy that even a 3 years old kid can play it. After you press Play, if the screen is not gray with a bone in the corner, you will see a panel in the center of the screen. On that panel you can see the optimum speed. That is the recommended speed at which the truck would not jump into the bad Tyrannosaurus Rex and also jump over the little dinosaurs. You can accelerate by clicking the bone from the lower right corner of the screen. Keep in mind that accelerating over the optimum speed will be too much. 

The point of this car jumping game is to jump over the dinosaurs from the 4 levels. Normally if you finish the truck game there is some image for you. But at this jumping game you get a pop-up window with the congratulations text written on it and then the game goes straight back to the first level.

If this game gets boring you should try some online ski jumping games from our partner site. It is similar to this game but instead of a car it's a man on a hill. This is a car games site so we only have car jumping games.