Skull Driver

Online truck games with fire are some of the most entertaining games that you can play free of charge on the internet. Skull Driver is a side view truck game featuring a red truck that you have to drive over some rough pieces of terrain and destroy a series of obstacles that are in your way.

Skull Driver is the type of monster truck game that offers loads of fun because of the objects that break into pieces as you drive over them, the fire effects that are present everywhere, and last but not least, the speed with which the car drives on top of the hills gives you the opportunity to make some legendary backflips.

This side view monster truck game has a gameplay that is not very difficult to understand. But as easy as it might seem, Skull Driver is a great game. You drive the truck with the up arrow key and if it happens to flip it upside down, you can almost always rotate it back on it's wheels by pressing the left key too. Before a tall hill, you will see that there are some energy icons that will increase the speed of the truck. At this point you will be able to drive upwards and once in the top of the mountian, you'll have the ability to make some backflips and score some extra points for this.

Skull driver is one of many online truck games with fire, explosions, objects that blow into pieces when you drive over them and scary environments that make you remember Halloween.

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