Monster Truck Rush

In this cool monster truck game you have to smash your opponents and destroy them. All the cars in this games have been fitted with huge monster truck wheels. Make sure you still have some life left after defeating your enemies.

Monster Truck Rush is one of those free flash car games that you just can't get bored of. It is a very simple, but easily enjoyable game that was created in a such manner that even an inexperienced gamer could play it.

Your task for this highway truck game is simple: you have to drive fast, but also carefully, on the highway, along with the other cars. Every now and then a targeted car will appear. I don't have to tell you exactly what it looks like because you'll surely recognize your monster truck immediately. When you see this vehicle, you have to crash into it and destroy it. But the tricky part is that you have to hit it from the side. If you do it differently, your car will also take damage and after a while you might even fail the level. So just drive around in your monster truck by using the arrow keys. Isn't that simple? The up key accelerates, the left and right keys move the car horizontally and the down key brakes.

Monster Truck Rush has only 3 levels, but you can play the game as many times as you want. And even if you want to play it after a few days, you are more than welcome to return to and have some more fun with this free highway truck game. Also, you might like our online truck games. Some of them are more complicated than the others, but in the end they are all fun to play.

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