Spot Hunter

Play this awesome parking game and improve your driving skills faster than any other car game. Most parking games are top view, which means that the car is seen from above. This gives you the benefit of not having any blind spots or hidden obstacles in your way. If you play enough parking games you will be able to park your father's car in the garaje without his supervision. You don't even need to ask him because there's no concern about this. It has been proven that playing many parking games gives you the skills to park a car like an proffesional driver. Don't let yourself be discouraged about the fact that the first level is a bit hard because after a while you will learn how to park any car in any place. Another cool thing about this game is that you can choose your car from a several number of models going from a 3-wheeled to Bugatti Veyron. Check out some of the parking games our partner's site.