Van Adventure

There are lots of free car games on the online car games world, but no car is better than a hippie minivan. If you feel like trying something new, you are more than welcome to play Van Adventure. It is a side view truck game where the main characters are two of the nicest colorful hippie vans in the world.

At the beginning of each level of this minivan driving game, you have the ability to chose your favourite car to drive. There is an orange-blue van and a yellow-green one. They are both visually attractive and you can drive them over the obstacles by pressing the arrow keys. The controls being easy to master, the gameplay is pretty nice and almost anyone can end up enjoying this game. As there are a few obstacles on the road, it is very possible that the minivan will turn upside down, but this is not a problem beacuse you can easily spin it back on it's wheels, by pressing the up+left arrows.

The graphics, animations and visual effects are also a good extra feature of this online side view truck game. There's an animation in the title screen, another one when you chose the van that you like most and even the text is animated at times. As for the ingame part, there's a cool effect on the obstacles: when you drive across a car, there's this dust effect that makes you want to keep crushing the hippie minivans that stand in your way. But let's not forget about the music. Not very often you want to listen to the soundtrack that an online free driving game offers. Usually, the first thing you do when you start a game, is to search for the sound button. But this is not the case here. The sound score is one of the coolest and also very fit to the theme of the game.

On a downside, this side view minivan game is quite short, consisting of only 4 levels. And also some of the environmental pieces that you'll come across in your adventure might seem a bit repetitive. About the gameplay, there might be some situations where you won't be able to flip the car back on its wheels, but that's something that you'll get used to.

In conclusion, Van Adventure is an enjoyable online side view game with an easy gameplay, nice graphics and effects, and a catchy melody that you can whistle even after you stop playing the minivan game. If you like this game, you might also like another of its kind. Taxi Truck is also a free side view truck game that is fun to play.