Las Vegas Hummer

I miss the good old days when Hummers ruled the world. Ok, they didn't actually ruled the world but there was a time when any decent rapper had at least one Hummer Truck and kept the engine running, just to show off. Now the Hummer H3 remains a landmark for all trucks and even though, ecologists ruined it's reputation, that car was a good piece of engenering.

Here i will make a step by step guide through this truck game. After the creepy preloader, the music starts and your ears will hurt until you press the sound button in the upper right corner. When the game actually starts, you will notice that the truck's engine sound is still on and it will continue to play whatever you do.

In the upper part of the screen you will see the fuel bar. Take a good look at that because after it runs out, you are trapped and the only way out is the restart button. In this particular truck game you can find the restart button near the fuel bar and it looks like a square shaped arrow.

When the level starts you will see a sign there that says "star". Don't search for some stars like I did because it suppose to say start. This truck game is cool for one reason: it's realistic. If you keep the throttle pressed, you will run out of fuel, halfway to the end of the level. This seems very truthful to me because your truck is a Hummer H3, right? Another realistic feature about this game is the fact that the truck gets damage when you do high jumps and not land on both wheels.

You can do many stunts like wheelie and jumps. In other games, the rear wheelie is just called wheelie and the other one is stoppie. The way to do these stunts, in this hummer truck game, is to keep the acceleration and the left arrow key pressed.