Pursuit Takedown

Free racing games had changed over the years. Once there were just a bunch of cars racing in circle and the faster driver gets to win. Now there are many kinds of racing games, like this one. This race takes place on a highway.

In the first level, You have to drive on a highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The ocean is on your left side and you got houses on the right side. The point of this free racing game is to destroy 4 enemies by smashing down their cars. Now the name of this game (Gangster Takedown) makes sense, right? Chase the bad guys and take them down.

The health of your car is limited so don't bump into many cars because when you will reach the target, it will be too late. Even though it's hard to avoid the other cars (because so it's fun destroying them), it's highly recommended to hit only the taget cars.

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An interesting fact about this game is that if you stop for a few seconds there are no cars coming from behind and normally, in any kind of racing game or competition, all the civilians are long gone but if you accelerate, all of them are just a couple of miles ahead of you because they were waiting.

The instructions are pretty easy, just press up arrow key to accelerate, down to brake and left/right arrow keys to steer. Another thing that should be reminded is that the "Q" key is the quality toggle button. If the free racing game is running slowly, you should set it to low quality and everything will be just fine.