First Place Racing

Are you 100% sure that you’re the best online car racer? Test your driving skills speeding your sports car down this tricky circuit, playing the First Place racing game, and win all the four challenging races leaving your opponents no chance of stealing from you the title of the best online car racer!

Don’t think that you’ll be driving like any type of car! No sir, once your start this intense online car racing game, expect to get behind the wheel of a drop dead gorgeous, shiny supercar that will easily reach top speeds and leave your opponents way behind you! Your arrow keys will allow you to keep control of your car and drive it along the circuit, making sure it does not get off the track and that you don’t not run out of time before it takes all the laps needed to be completed in each of one of the First Place racing game’s levels. Accelerate, take those curves like a real Formula 1 champion, spin, reach intense speeds, slow down when needed, in one word, bring out that skillful, professional driver in you and make him shine on the circuit and outshine all its opponents there! You can see the time left at any moment, you have the number of seconds left displayed on the top bar on your screen, when you’re enjoying this engaging car racing game, so make sure you race like a pro’, keeping your supercar on the track and avoiding bumping into trees or buildings and that you always keep in mind the remaining time, too, till the end of the car racing game’s level!

Have fun playing the First Place racing game and establish your supremacy as a sport car driving master proving your driving skills through 4 challenging racings that will raise your adrenaline and make you grow addictive and curious, more and more curious to see which are the next racing tests you need to take! If you still feel “thirsty” for some more adrenaline pumping speed, how about playing the Deus Racer now?