Deus 3 has prepared another cool online driving game for you: Deus Racer 3. It is a top view car game where you get to drive a flying car. So prepare to be on your way and save your kind.

So here's what you have to do in this particular online car game. An ally ship was taken down by the enemy. Your mission is to get to it as soon as possible and save the survivors. And all this while trying to avoid the red enemy bombs. At first you might find the car a bit difficult to control, but don't worry because in time you'll improve your flying vehicle.

While driving, try to gather as many dollars and stars as you can. A dollar sign gives you only 1 dollar, while a single star, gives you 5 dollars. In the bottom left corner of the screen you'll see a fuel bar. In one attempt you'll only use all the available fuel and then you'll return to the shop screen. But you can also extend the time of your attempts by collecting the green fuel icons that will appear along the way.

On the lower side of the screen of this free car driving game you'll see a distance bar. There you can approximate the distance you have left until you reach the damaged ship.

In the shop section of Deus Racer 3, there are several upgrades available for the car. For example you can upgrade the speed of the car, the frequency of the gold appearing and many others. So use your money wisely and improve your ride as best as you can. If by mistake you spend some money on the wrong upgrade, in the lower right side of the screen there's an undo button. If you click that one, you'll get back the money that you have gathered during the last turn.

Play Deus Racer 3 as many times as you want, because it is an awesome free flash driving game that everyone enjoys. Share it with your friends, and also don't forget to try our other free online car games.